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Contact NOWiHEAR to learn more about our services and why only an audiology professional with extensive education and training should provide hearing loss and balance treatment with optimal results.

Consult a NOWiHEAR Audiology Professional for Expert Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing loss diagnosis and treatment have become confusing in recent years in part due to the consolidation of the hearing industry, marketing tactics, and the multitude of differing providers of “hearing health care”.  Although audiologists, doctors of audiology, physicians, audioprosthologists, hearing aid dealers, and others may hold a license, not all are equally educated, trained or qualified to provide hearing and balance care.  Patients face many choices including which provider to trust when it comes to his, her, or a loved one’s hearing and balance care.

About NOWiHEAR America’s Audiology Network

To receive the best audiology care, it is an absolute necessity that hearing care be provided by a licensed audiologist or doctor of audiology.  NOWiHEAR is a nationwide network of independent audiology practices owned and run by highly trained, professional-degreed audiologists whose primary mission is to provide comprehensive, individualized hearing and balance care and treatment.  NOWiHEAR audiologists adhere to a strict set of ethical standards that govern professional audiology treatment, and they are dedicated to providing personal care that results in optimal hearing improvement.  Your hearing is vitally important to the quality of your life.  When you seek diagnosis and treatment, trust your hearing care only to a highly qualified audiologist who serves your best interests. Trust your hearing care only to an independent NOWiHEAR Audiologist . . . THE Hearing Expert.

Your NOWiHEAR Audiologist Meets Strict Standards for Hearing Care

The gift of hearing is an essential part of your life. When seeking hearing care, you should look for an audiologist with the highest qualifications to ensure that you receive the best hearing and balance treatment possible. The audiologist you choose should have extensive university training and a professional degree in audiology. Your audiologist should carefully evaluate your health history and perform comprehensive diagnostic testing to provide you accurate hearing loss and balance treatment. You should also look for an audiologist who offers a full line of advanced digital and analog hearing aids at the best hearing aid prices and who can custom fit and tune the instrument to your specific needs.

These are strict standards, but you and your hearing deserve the very best treatment available. When you visit your NOWiHEAR Audiologist and see the NOWiHEAR logo displayed, you know that you have found an audiology professional who fully meets these standards and will provide you the very best in hearing loss treatment and hearing care.

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NOWiHEAR—Providing the Very Best Hearing Loss Treatment

Your NOWiHEAR Audiologist performs a thorough case history analysis, works with your other health care professionals, and provides advanced testing to accurately diagnose your hearing needs and offer you the most effective solutions for hearing improvement.

Should you need hearing instruments, every NOWiHEAR audiology professional carries a full line of advanced digital and analog hearing aids at the best prices. Your NOWiHEAR Audiologist will custom fit and computer tune your hearing instruments for optimal performance.

A university-trained NOWiHEAR Audiologist with a professional degree in audiology can provide the high-quality hearing loss treatment you need and deserve. Contact NOWiHEAR today to find a NOWiHEAR Audiologist in your area.

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