What About Those $19.95 Hearing Devices Advertised On TV?

December 11, 2009 @ 09:35 AM -- by AuDNet Member

We’ve all seen them. Those ads on television promoting a $19.95 listening device that allows you to hear better at bingo, and even hear the birds singing in the trees. Compared to the price of hearing aids today, this sounds like quite a deal. So, why aren’t these devices driving the hearing aid manufacturers out of business?

Hearing loss, like most health issues, is best managed through proper diagnosis that directs proper treatment.  Every hearing loss is different, not only in terms of degree, but also in terms of cause. Simply making sounds louder is no more a solution to a specific hearing loss condition than wearing “one-size-fits all” dentures simply because you have no teeth. To best treat hearing loss, the specific aspects of that hearing loss must be carefully diagnosed and measured. If amplification is an appropriate solution (which is not always the case), then that amplification must be adjusted by pitch to accommodate the fact that the hearing loss is different at different pitches. In addition, for many patients, their hearing loss changes depending upon the level of the sound they are hearing. Someone may have a severe hearing loss for soft sounds, but hear loud sounds just as loud as someone with normal hearing. Amplifying all levels of and pitches of sound equally may not only create more difficulty for a hearing impaired patient, it may potentially damage their remaining hearing ability.


Hearing loss is a health issue that must be treated as such. Your best choice is to insist on a complete and thorough hearing evaluation by a qualified and properly trained audiologist. Then, if amplification is an appropriate solution to your hearing situation, the audiologist can make sure that the correct form of amplification is selected and adjusted carefully to meet the specific circumstances your unique hearing loss presents. It is only through this approach that you can reach your best overall hearing improvement.



AuDNet, Inc. is a nationwide network of independent audiology providers. All AuDNet audiologists have earned advanced university degrees in audiology, and are fully trained to interpret case histories, carefully test and evaluate all aspects of the auditory system, advise physicians on hearing loss and balance etiologies, and treat hearing loss and balance conditions that are not amenable to medical or surgical intervention. 


The first consideration in seeking hearing care is the expertise and skill of the care giver. Through the AuDNet network of audiology providers, patients have an easy and effective way of insuring that they are receiving hearing care and treatment from qualified and highly trained audiologists. 

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