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Hearing Aids Brands - Phonak, Siemens, ReSound, Unitron, Interton

Hearing Aids Brands

Find the Product Best Suited to Your Needs

Brand Of Hearing AidsIndividuals with hearing loss can choose from a wide range of instruments designed to amplify sounds and improve listening ability.  Since sound perception varies greatly from person to person, no single hearing aid is right for everyone. Explore the hearing aids brands that NOWiHEAR Audiologists trust, and contact an audiologist in your area to schedule an appointment to determine which one is right for you.


Phonak, a leader of hearing aid technology, consistently releases quality wireless systems. Some of the most notable Phonak product features include:

  • SoundRecover - helps you experience a greater range of the sound spectrum
  • StereoZoom - amplifies voices in a noisy situation
  • Auto ZoomControl – automatically tracks or "zooms" to the side or backward to hear a speaker
  • DuoPhone – allows you to hear a caller’s voice in both ears
  • WhistleBlock – reduces whistling


The largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the United States, Siemens also offers audiological software and equipment for hearing care professionals, and assistive listening devices (e.g., amplified telephones). Some of their latest technology includes Bluetooth® wireless systems which connect hearing aids with televisions, cell phones, and mp3 players without signal delay. Many products feature the BestSound™ technology, which is clinically proven to provide a superior hearing experience. BestSound™ innovations include a feedback management system, a trainable hearing system that learns your preferences, and SpeechFocus™ which provides superb clarity no matter the direction of the speaker.


Using sophisticated technologies such as Natural Directionality, Environmental Optimizer, and Surround Sound, ReSound hearing aids provide clean, crisp amplification that resembles natural hearing. They have products suited to all degrees of hearing loss, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyles.


Unitron is known for its close attention to the customization of each individual order. Using a variety of purpose-driven features, the company’s products are designed to amplify sound in most listening situations, including quiet conversations, speech in noise, intense noise, and music. Some of Unitron’s most popular technologies are:

  • SmartFocus™ - allows you to adjust the hearing aid
  • AutoPro™ - automatically adjusts to the changing listening environment
  • AntiShock™ - minimizes the discomfort of a sudden loud noise without affecting other sounds
  • Unifi™ - creates automatic connections between hearing aids and the telephone
  • MyMusic™ - enhances the tone of your favorite music
  • LearnNow™ - programs your preferences

If you have questions about Unitron products or other hearing aids brands, contact an NOWiHEAR hearing healthcare professional in your area today.


Interton products are easy-to-use, fairly priced, discreet, and able to improve speech comprehension in noisy situations. The company offers a selection of hearing aids that range from basic to niche; the Interton Relay features Contralateral Routing of Sounds (CROS) technology, which takes the sound you receive in one ear and sends it to the other ear.


Audina’s comprehensive product line accommodates all types of hearing loss through a variety of products, all designed for function, comfort, and flexibility. Their options include custom digital, behind-the-ear, open ear, programmable, and analog hearing aids.


SeboTek is known for their patented receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) design, which addresses the limitations of certain traditional hearing aids. RIC hearing instruments are unmatched in terms of fit, comfort, and sound quality, and include features such as advanced feedback cancellation, directional microphone system, and voice priority adaptive noise reduction. 

OakTree Products

OakTree is a leading wholesale supplier of audiology and hearing aid supplies, accessories, and equipment. The company’s products include diagnostic equipment, earmold and impression supplies, and assistive listening devices.

Prairie Labs

Though the foundation of Prairie Labs’ business is hearing aid repair, the company also manufactures digital and analog hearing aids and related devices. Prairie Labs is staffed by highly trained technicians devoted to excellence.


These “In-Ear Experts” supply a range of hearing-related products, including:

  • Clinical supplies to hearing healthcare professionals
  • Personal listening and pro audio equipment
  • Industrial and recreational hearing protection
  • Hearing care products, including hygiene, batteries, and accessories
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Military products


CounselEAR improves patient counseling through the generation of customized reports that enhance patient recall and compliance. CounselEAR recognizes the difficulty that some patients experience with verbal counseling, so they’ve developed CounselEAR Professional Reports. These reports help patients remember important pieces of information and follow through with the recommendations of their hearing care professional.


NOWiHEAR recommends that our patients use Energizer® hearing aid batteries to power their instruments.

Learn More about Hearing Aids Brands

If you would like more information about hearing aids and the brands that we carry, please contact NOWiHEAR today.

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